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Mission Impropable

Mission Impropable is an online multiplayer social deduction game where one player (the meddler) misplaces items in an environment and the others try to remember where they belong to put them back. I worked with a team of five other people on it for UT Game Jam 2020.

For this game, I was primarily responsible for game design and prop and character modeling.

Reflections on the Game Design 

While I still think the idea for a social deduction game centered around memorization and environment alteration is good, I did drastically overestimate how much people would realistically be able to remember.


An overview of the map that's used for each round is shown on the right. It was way too large, and in hindsight, could have been broken up into multiple maps to add variety and make things fairer for the non-meddlers.


While the game did still turn out enjoyable, it's a lot more chaotic and random than originally envisioned. Quicker iteration and more playtesting would have likely helped alleviate this, which is something for me to keep in mind for future projects.


Overview of the entire map

Props and Characters

The moveable objects mostly consisted of smaller props that could be placed on tables and shelves. Locations where a prop could spawn or be placed were marked with yellow diamonds to avoid confusion.

Some pictures of the props and character models I made are down below.


Robot ghosts loosely based on teru teru bozu. I'm not entirely sure why I went with this design

I tried to make it so most of the props might easily get confused for another


Some potential prop locations

(furniture models not by me)


I made a couple of emotes that could pop above players' heads to help with non-verbal communication. Looking at them now, I doubt their effectiveness

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