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I'm Christian MacNeill, and if you're reading this, I assume you're probably a potential employer, or perhaps some kind of stalker freak (hopefully not both!). Either way, you probably want to know more about me.

I'm a game programmer, tech artist, 3D artist and overall generalist, with most of my experience being with Unity. Previously, I've done work developing educational iOS apps for the SAGA Lab at UT Austin. Currently, I'm working on a still yet-to-be announced project, but in my free time I also participate in game jams with my friends.

If you're interested, some of the games and projects I've worked on can be found on my There are additional writeups for a couple of these on my portfolio page, along with sneak peaks at stuff that's still in-progress.

My skills include:

  • Programming with C# in Unity

  • Tech art and shader creation

  • 3D modeling and texturing in Blender

  • Basic animation and character rigging

  • Creating terrible fonts like the one I'm currently subjecting you to

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